Are you challenged by some kinds of touch?

Are you challenged by some kinds of touch? Does your lover touch you in one way but you yearn to be touched in a different way? Do you find it difficult to express how you want to be touched? All of these things can limit how you express your sexuality and experience pleasure and orgasm. Over many years as a sexuality coach, I’ve noticed that people generally become used to touch in one specific way or in a very few specific ways. They find giving and receiving touch in other ways either boring or challenging. For example, some women enjoy soft touch and a very particular kind of soft touch, and they don’t like hard touch at all. Others need hard touch in order to feel pleasure and can’t feel anything if they are touched softly. I once worked with a woman who couldn’t orgasm at all. The sexual energy would immediately shoot up to her upper body and she would hardly feel any physical pleasure in her genitals and lower body. Learn more at was a very intense, determined and even slightly harsh person. She was driven and goal-oriented but lacked softness and sweetness. During one of our sessions, I was stimulating her yoni and no matter how hard or fast I went, it wasn’t strong enough for her. My hands were getting tired but she could hardly feel anything. Then I changed the touch. I slowed down and touched her yoni very lightly. She said, ‘I can’t feel you. I can’t feel anything at all.’ But I kept going softly for a few minutes. She kept saying she couldn’t feel anything and asked me to please go harder. Still, I kept the soft, light touch. Then suddenly she said, ‘I just had an orgasm.’ It wasn’t a mind-blowing or earth-shattering orgasm, but it was definitely an orgasm. It was one of the first internal orgasms she had experienced, and a very special one. In this example, I learned the important of softness and subtlety. And later, I realized that while that woman had a lot of navel chakra energy, what she actually needed was a combination of the softness of the heart chakra and the sensuality of the sacral chakra. She ended up spending the next few years practicing yoga and living in a tantric community. She developed her feminine side – sweet, soft and innocent – but she also kept her sharp mind, intensity and determination. This was a valuable lesson for me. I learned that people don’t always know what touch they need and that sometimes they need to be given something that they don’t usually go for. So this learning inspired me to create a powerful practice that can help you to experience and embrace the energies of different touch. We’ll get to that shortly. First, let’s start with practice to embody sensual touch. This practice brings sensual touch to your whole body without involving your genitals. This will show you that you can experience pleasure without even touching your genitals. 1. Sit or lie down comfortably. 2. Caress your whole body, excluding your genitals, for about five minutes in whatever way you feel like. Don’t worry about it being sensual or sexual, just bring touch and sensation to your whole body. 3. Then try different kinds of touch. Spend a few minutes exploring touch that is: − Light and airy. For example, try blowing air on your skin. Try it again after licking your skin. − Strong and earthy. For example, try pressing hard into your flesh; feel your bones. − Flowing and watery. For example, try continuous caresses in circular movements. − Intense and fiery. For example try pulling at your skin or scratching. 4. Spend at least ten to fifteen minutes exploring the different sensations throughout your body. Learn more at

Power of Vigrx Plus

Vigx Plus is a super powerful supplement for men. And all those wires are going to cross – connect and your lights are going to go on and off. And all kinds of weird things are going to happen. The same thing happens in the human body. When the nerves short – circuit, and the insulation is gone from your nerves. From the axon, the long, long, long nerve fibre, that’s just like a wire. That connects one nerve cell to another to increase sperm count. And your nerves transmit electrically. So if the insulation is shot, you start to get multiple uncontrolled uncoordinated movements, or inability to move properly, which is unfortunately a character istic of multiple sclerosis and similar illnesses. So, Klenner simply thought, “If I give more thiamine, it might help”. So he did. And it helped. And he gave 1,000 times the US RDA for thiamine. He gave one or 2,000 milligrams of thiamine a day. The RDA is one or two milligrams. Well, thiamine’s pretty safe, nobody’s ever died from thiamine. Learn more at and

Vigrx Plus goes way back, with a name like B1. Right? Thiamine’s been known for decades, over a hundred years now. So thiaamine in high quantities seems to have special benefit to the nerves and to the multiple sclerosis patient. But Klenner didn’t stop there. He gave the other B – vitamins as well. He gave vitamin D. He gave vitamin C. He gave a “cocktail”, as we would call it now, of all the vitamins. Now we treat AIDS with a nutrition cocktail – No we don’t! We treat AIDS with a drug cocktail. Hmm. Multiple sclerosis – does an MS patient get just one drug? Probably not. Do they get just one nutrient? Probably don’t get that either. What would hap pen if they got all the nutrients? And this is Klenner’s great contribution that he didn’t just rest his laurels on using vitamin C for pneumonia. Important, though, that is. In the United States every year at least 60,000 people die of pneumonia. Mo stly the elderly. It’s very serious problem. Klenner didn’t rest on his laurels with using thiamine to improve or reverse multiple sclerosis. No. He said, “let’s use them all”. And he was right. Recent research in mice showed that mice that were give n vitamin B3, niacin, specifically niacinamide, had arresting or reversal of the mouse equivalent of multiple sclerosis. So they actually took mice that had mouse multiple sclerosis and gave them massive doses of niacin, vitamin B3 with additional Semenax supplement. Well they could do it more ri ght. They could put it on the evening news. And they could put it at the top of your IRS 1040 tax form saying “By the way, vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells”. I’d like to see that. High doses of vitamin C, the Riordan team has found, are e ven effective against really dreadful, almost untreatable, forms of cancer. And, all cancer is dangerous, but there are some that are particularly alarming. One of these is ovarian cancer and the other one is pancreatic cancer. The Riordan people had im provements and reversals with those two forms of cancer. Learn more at

Magna RX and X4 Labs

Your sexual relationship to your partner, mindset can change with the X4 labs extender and Magna RX. Number two is have the tough conversations outside of the bedroom. In any relationship that’s existed for longer than a couple of months, there are going to be little tiffs, arguments and things that tend to get swept under the rug and when those things are allowed to stay there, they fester and they grow into resentment, like a stuck energy between you.

Number one, and this is so all encompassingly important. It’s very intentional that it is number one. Be a good listener in bed. I feel like everything about being a good lover comes back to this. No matter how strong your cock is, how many kegels you’ve been doing for the last 13 months, it doesn’t matter if you’re a poor listener, if you’re not present, if you’re unaware of the person that’s across from you. Often taking Viagra or Cialis or whatever, erectile strengthening pills, as a fix actually hurts sex lives a lot more because it makes the person much more disconnected from their cock and from realizing where their partner is or where they are emotionally and sexually. So, I’m not saying there’s no validity in those medications, obviously for people that have had their prostate removed because i t was cancerous and there’s muscular level damage so pills help them get back to that, but I know a lot of people who, especially if they had some level of porn addition and they found it hard to get hard with their partner, drugs are accessible. Learn more at and

We talked about this in ‘Fight less, love more’ and it really shows itself in your sex life. Whatever hasn’t been addressed is an emotional and sexual block between the two of you and its funny, coming back to how men are often pre – resistant to being vulnerable or showing what they feel like are the cracks in their armor and letting their partner in emotionally. ” It’s like you’re very aware that there is a plug in your emotional dam and it’s like, “I want the water to keep flowing, it’s good for it but I don’t know, I could pull the plug and it could be catastrophic usage of Magna RX pills. Maybe the whole wall breaks down and the town floods and we’re all just screwed” and when they pull out the plug and they address the elephant in the room then the energy starts flowing again and that sexual energy can move because they’re back to that place of trust, connection and transparency. Audience: You said, have the tough conversations outside of the bedroom and have the conversations laying on your side in the bed… That’s contradictory. That is totally contradictory. Audience: Was the point of having the tough conversations outside of the bedroom to just keep the bedroom as, like a sacred place?

They could find Cialis or some knock off if they wanted to and use it when they don’t really have an absolute need for it, so doing that just makes you less connected to yourself sexually and even more sexually distant from your partner. Learn about Magna RX at

Using Vigrx Plus can give you a huge edge

Using Vigrx Plus can give you a huge edge. And
neurotransmitters tend to get balanced. I find a lot of people that have a
history of anxiety and depression. Once they get the sleep fixed, they’re able
to come off of their antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication sometimes. Learn more at 

So I don’t have any research that proves that GABA levels
get boosted or regulated or anything like that. But I’m going to assume just
based on clinical symptoms that I see disappear that’s what’s happening. Also,
when you’re going through your stages of REM, you’re going to be using your
hippocampus, the memory center in the brain that is responsible for what’s
called long term potentiation of male supplements. Learn more at 

That’s basically a
cool fancy word that makes me sound smart. It just means that you’re taking
memories that are in short term from the day like what you ate for lunch, and
you’re converting those into long term storage into your Rolodex of important
things. So I’ll I ask people, what did you do yesterday? “Oh, I have no idea.”
Well, tell me about the first time you rode a rollercoaster. Oh, they remember
that like it was no big deal. That’s kind of a clue to me that they have some
cortisol issues going on because cortisol causes damage to the hippocampus,
this memory center in the brain. 
That’s why good sleep is so important in getting this
hormonal picture fixed because if you can’t remember what you did yesterday or
even what you had for lunch today, that’s a sign that that memory center in the
brain is getting damaged by the excess cortisol. So the hippocampus turns into
looking like Swiss cheese. And that’s not normal. So it’s very common. I’ve
read some stuff where people are doing autopsies, and they’re seeing this
destruction. And that’s not normal. And it shouldn’t be happening.
  Yeah. I’m glad you brought that up. Because
these are some of the early signs of brain damage. We say, “Oh, well, I’m just
too busy. Learn more at 

But this is some serious stuff. Part of your brain is like
Swiss cheese. It’s pretty serious. I think it’s good to pay heed to some of
these things that you say, “Oh, I’m a scatterbrained.” Well, what’s going on
there? What are the long-term impacts? There are short-term impacts. Nobody
really likes to be a scatterbrain. There’s also long-term impacts. Yeah, and
the thing is people just put off taking care of themselves until they hit some
critical point.

And the large percentage of people that I work with are
people that have waited until they’re really sick and they have all these autoimmune
diseases and things like that. And it’s really frustrating. I’m enjoying the
process of helping these people. But I so much love the smaller percent of my
client base that are the people that didn’t wait until they were extremely
sick. They just tuned into this this health conference, and they’re like, “Hmm,
that’s not really speaking a hundred percent to me, but yeah, I can resonate
with some of that. Now I want to take action.” You’re so much better off doing
this stuff now kind of a preventative maintenance mindset, as opposed to
waiting until you have seven pages of symptoms that you need to send me to go
over because then you’re going to really increase the time that it takes you to
get better.