Using Vigrx Plus can give you a huge edge

Using Vigrx Plus can give you a huge edge. And
neurotransmitters tend to get balanced. I find a lot of people that have a
history of anxiety and depression. Once they get the sleep fixed, they’re able
to come off of their antidepressants and anti-anxiety medication sometimes. Learn more at 

So I don’t have any research that proves that GABA levels
get boosted or regulated or anything like that. But I’m going to assume just
based on clinical symptoms that I see disappear that’s what’s happening. Also,
when you’re going through your stages of REM, you’re going to be using your
hippocampus, the memory center in the brain that is responsible for what’s
called long term potentiation of male supplements. Learn more at 

That’s basically a
cool fancy word that makes me sound smart. It just means that you’re taking
memories that are in short term from the day like what you ate for lunch, and
you’re converting those into long term storage into your Rolodex of important
things. So I’ll I ask people, what did you do yesterday? “Oh, I have no idea.”
Well, tell me about the first time you rode a rollercoaster. Oh, they remember
that like it was no big deal. That’s kind of a clue to me that they have some
cortisol issues going on because cortisol causes damage to the hippocampus,
this memory center in the brain. 
That’s why good sleep is so important in getting this
hormonal picture fixed because if you can’t remember what you did yesterday or
even what you had for lunch today, that’s a sign that that memory center in the
brain is getting damaged by the excess cortisol. So the hippocampus turns into
looking like Swiss cheese. And that’s not normal. So it’s very common. I’ve
read some stuff where people are doing autopsies, and they’re seeing this
destruction. And that’s not normal. And it shouldn’t be happening.
  Yeah. I’m glad you brought that up. Because
these are some of the early signs of brain damage. We say, “Oh, well, I’m just
too busy. Learn more at 

But this is some serious stuff. Part of your brain is like
Swiss cheese. It’s pretty serious. I think it’s good to pay heed to some of
these things that you say, “Oh, I’m a scatterbrained.” Well, what’s going on
there? What are the long-term impacts? There are short-term impacts. Nobody
really likes to be a scatterbrain. There’s also long-term impacts. Yeah, and
the thing is people just put off taking care of themselves until they hit some
critical point.

And the large percentage of people that I work with are
people that have waited until they’re really sick and they have all these autoimmune
diseases and things like that. And it’s really frustrating. I’m enjoying the
process of helping these people. But I so much love the smaller percent of my
client base that are the people that didn’t wait until they were extremely
sick. They just tuned into this this health conference, and they’re like, “Hmm,
that’s not really speaking a hundred percent to me, but yeah, I can resonate
with some of that. Now I want to take action.” You’re so much better off doing
this stuff now kind of a preventative maintenance mindset, as opposed to
waiting until you have seven pages of symptoms that you need to send me to go
over because then you’re going to really increase the time that it takes you to
get better.