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Your sexual relationship to your partner, mindset can change with the X4 labs extender and Magna RX. Number two is have the tough conversations outside of the bedroom. In any relationship that’s existed for longer than a couple of months, there are going to be little tiffs, arguments and things that tend to get swept under the rug and when those things are allowed to stay there, they fester and they grow into resentment, like a stuck energy between you.

Number one, and this is so all encompassingly important. It’s very intentional that it is number one. Be a good listener in bed. I feel like everything about being a good lover comes back to this. No matter how strong your cock is, how many kegels you’ve been doing for the last 13 months, it doesn’t matter if you’re a poor listener, if you’re not present, if you’re unaware of the person that’s across from you. Often taking Viagra or Cialis or whatever, erectile strengthening pills, as a fix actually hurts sex lives a lot more because it makes the person much more disconnected from their cock and from realizing where their partner is or where they are emotionally and sexually. So, I’m not saying there’s no validity in those medications, obviously for people that have had their prostate removed because i t was cancerous and there’s muscular level damage so pills help them get back to that, but I know a lot of people who, especially if they had some level of porn addition and they found it hard to get hard with their partner, drugs are accessible. Learn more at and

We talked about this in ‘Fight less, love more’ and it really shows itself in your sex life. Whatever hasn’t been addressed is an emotional and sexual block between the two of you and its funny, coming back to how men are often pre – resistant to being vulnerable or showing what they feel like are the cracks in their armor and letting their partner in emotionally. ” It’s like you’re very aware that there is a plug in your emotional dam and it’s like, “I want the water to keep flowing, it’s good for it but I don’t know, I could pull the plug and it could be catastrophic usage of Magna RX pills. Maybe the whole wall breaks down and the town floods and we’re all just screwed” and when they pull out the plug and they address the elephant in the room then the energy starts flowing again and that sexual energy can move because they’re back to that place of trust, connection and transparency. Audience: You said, have the tough conversations outside of the bedroom and have the conversations laying on your side in the bed… That’s contradictory. That is totally contradictory. Audience: Was the point of having the tough conversations outside of the bedroom to just keep the bedroom as, like a sacred place?

They could find Cialis or some knock off if they wanted to and use it when they don’t really have an absolute need for it, so doing that just makes you less connected to yourself sexually and even more sexually distant from your partner. Learn about Magna RX at