Power of Vigrx Plus

Vigx Plus is a super powerful supplement for men. And all those wires are going to cross – connect and your lights are going to go on and off. And all kinds of weird things are going to happen. The same thing happens in the human body. When the nerves short – circuit, and the insulation is gone from your nerves. From the axon, the long, long, long nerve fibre, that’s just like a wire. That connects one nerve cell to another to increase sperm count. And your nerves transmit electrically. So if the insulation is shot, you start to get multiple uncontrolled uncoordinated movements, or inability to move properly, which is unfortunately a character istic of multiple sclerosis and similar illnesses. So, Klenner simply thought, “If I give more thiamine, it might help”. So he did. And it helped. And he gave 1,000 times the US RDA for thiamine. He gave one or 2,000 milligrams of thiamine a day. The RDA is one or two milligrams. Well, thiamine’s pretty safe, nobody’s ever died from thiamine. Learn more at http://markalexander.over-blog.com/2016/10/i-have-been-using-x4-labs-extender-results.html and http://lusharson8884.exteen.com/20161103/vigrx-plus-works-scientific-proof

Vigrx Plus goes way back, with a name like B1. Right? Thiamine’s been known for decades, over a hundred years now. So thiaamine in high quantities seems to have special benefit to the nerves and to the multiple sclerosis patient. But Klenner didn’t stop there. He gave the other B – vitamins as well. He gave vitamin D. He gave vitamin C. He gave a “cocktail”, as we would call it now, of all the vitamins. Now we treat AIDS with a nutrition cocktail – No we don’t! We treat AIDS with a drug cocktail. Hmm. Multiple sclerosis – does an MS patient get just one drug? Probably not. Do they get just one nutrient? Probably don’t get that either. What would hap pen if they got all the nutrients? And this is Klenner’s great contribution that he didn’t just rest his laurels on using vitamin C for pneumonia. Important, though, that is. In the United States every year at least 60,000 people die of pneumonia. Mo stly the elderly. It’s very serious problem. Klenner didn’t rest on his laurels with using thiamine to improve or reverse multiple sclerosis. No. He said, “let’s use them all”. And he was right. Recent research in mice showed that mice that were give n vitamin B3, niacin, specifically niacinamide, had arresting or reversal of the mouse equivalent of multiple sclerosis. So they actually took mice that had mouse multiple sclerosis and gave them massive doses of niacin, vitamin B3 with additional Semenax supplement. Well they could do it more ri ght. They could put it on the evening news. And they could put it at the top of your IRS 1040 tax form saying “By the way, vitamin C is selectively toxic to cancer cells”. I’d like to see that. High doses of vitamin C, the Riordan team has found, are e ven effective against really dreadful, almost untreatable, forms of cancer. And, all cancer is dangerous, but there are some that are particularly alarming. One of these is ovarian cancer and the other one is pancreatic cancer. The Riordan people had im provements and reversals with those two forms of cancer. Learn more at http://alphaguys.weebly.com/blog/vigrx-plus-in-the-medical-community