Are you using Pure Slim 1000?

Are you using Pure Slim 1000? We do not know what exercise program you use, if any, we do not know your current status, we do not know how intense you want to be busy with this. Pure Slim 1000 Diet What kind of meat, what kind of fish, how much, what kind of vegetable, how much? How many eggs, only egg whites or yolk aswell, do you bake them,boil them? I would cut the bacon, too many fats that don’t add anything except ’empty’ calories How much tuna, how much yogurt? is it low fat? Overall you don’t eat enough vegetables IMO. In addition there are not enough carbs. I severely doubt the overal kcal. by eating this. What is the macro nutrient ratio? Learn more at and

What are the seperated meal macro ratios? how many kcal. is it in total? How old are you, how many times a week do you exercise, whats your length, weight etc etc. Hopefully by this post I’m showing you how comprehensive Pure Slim 1000 is and it is to make a solid eating schedule but like I said, if it’s just to ‘live’ better, it’s definitely a good schedule compared to the average Joe, but if you want to add some serious muscle/lose fat etc. there is a lot of work to be done IMO Here is the schedule I’m following ATM btw, using it for the last 2 months, made it myself (obviously). The goal was (and still is) to cut to 7% while maintaining as much lean mass as possible So far I’ve gone from 18% to ~10% and even “gained” a couple of ounces of muscle although that has to do more with the ratio of overall fat and lean mass resulting in more ‘perceived mass’. Point is that I didn’t lose any lean mass, on the contrary, and it’s been extremely efficient for me. I’ve also made a eating schedule (and workout plan) for my brother, who is about 120 pounds overweight and he is losing weight extremely fast, of course, it is quite intense. I’m not claiming to be an expert, but I would like to think that I know a lot about nutrition and sport (bodybuilding) and this is all gained through years of trial and error. plus extensive reading/studying. I know you are a big fan of the ‘popular’ diets, and I respect that but I prefer to stay with the more ‘traditional’ diets since pretty much all those authors/experts are twice as ripped/muscular/healthy than all those guru’s you love some much. I prefer to learn from the top where knowledge is also scientifically backed and In addition, almost always has had dozen of years of trial and error to finally reach to those conclusions. In addition, most of the guru’s you love so much have a core focus on maximizing profits, people I prefer to study from also focus on this, but it is not their PRIME focus. Their prime focus usually consists of helping other people getting a great body and getting them familiar with the BB industry. Learn more at