Science of pheromone attraction

We made more bets, they were inconclusive about the science of pheromone attraction. She fiddled with my shirt, I threw her hands away, she immediately tried again, I threw them away again and grinned at her. I talked to other girls I didn’t know right in front of her, and they all loved talking to me. I moved her and others around the bar to better spots. All of this was interspersed with forays off into other social circles and the great conversations with all sorts of people I mentioned before. Sometimes Jamie was with me, sometimes not. I had it made. Put succinctly, I was a pheromone superstar. After the bar, we went back to Zack’s place – Jamie was with me and Don, and Zack lagged back with some of the others. Learn more at and

After a short time at Zack’s place, we (including Zack, but excluding his roommates and Jamie) returned to my place and drank some more – tequila shots. Everyone crashed there. I was wearing Pherazone pheromones which are heavy in androstenone and androstenol. Jamie had stayed at Zack’s place, and in the morning Zack was gone. I suspect he went back to his place to talk to Jamie. Maybe they’re on the rocks. I sure as hell hope they’re on the rocks if she’s acting like she was with me. But at the same time, I hope they work it out. As attracted as I am to her at this point in time, I still don’t know much about her, and I was pretty tipsy the whole night. And Zack is a great guy that deserves a girl like her. And there are TONS MORE WOMEN out there even more attractive than her! Hell, this is just ONE new city. And my next pheromone cycle, starting in just over 4 weeks, is going to take me around the world. Even though I haven’t been posting much, I’ve been having a great couple of weeks here in the new city. In particular, I’ve been discovering a lot about pheromone perfume and oil scents.. It seems like everyone I meet is starved for it – no matter who they are. I’m starting to realize that I’ve gotten used to talking to people without even looking at them, and maybe everyone else is doing that too. Strange things are happening now. For one thing, people are charging me less for the things I buy, or not charging me at all. It’s usually only a few cents to a few bucks, but I still feel like it’s meaningful. It feels like the frame has changed: instead of a customer and a pheromone seller, it’s like we’re both on the same side, within seconds of meeting. In contrast, most of the people I’ve met working the same jobs in the past came across as heavily rules-dominated: if I was short a penny, no sale could be made with real pheromones. It all has to do with me. Instead of the negative energy I’m used to, I’m getting positive energy from people I don’t even know. I’ll post more when I can get a better handle on what’s going on. Learn more at