Many of the pheromone tactics

Many of the pheromone tactics we’ve discussed are being used on YOU all the time, without you realizing it…often by marketers and sales people, although you may encounter similar pressures from your friends, family, etc., so now let’s talk about how you can recognize when these “human phermones” are being used on you, and how to counter it. Learn more at and

Each of these rules was first developed and refined by professional influencers. These are people who make a living convincing other people to do things – from charity workers to cold callers to used car salesman. We can use these same techniques to attract and seduce women with amazing pheromone results. Being aware of these rules of influence, we want to make sure that we don’t fall for them and get tricked into buying something we don’t need, don’t want, and will never use. When you are meeting someone for the first time, try to see what their ulterior motive is. If you know they want to sell something to you, you need to especially be on your guard. Here are a few specific ways you need to be ready to enjoy pheromones: Before accepting a free gift or a discounted service, or before agreeing to hear confidential information, ask yourself whether you’re going to feel obliged to give the same or more in return pheromones attraction. Should you decline, so that you don’t feel indebted? If someone walks up to you on the street and tries to give you a flower, don’t accept it. It’s obligation and it’s poison. These people will give you a flower and then use your sense of obligation to beg you for money. You will walk away and throw away the flower. Everyone throws the flower away. Then they go and take it out of the trash to give it to the next person who loves pheromones. When you see someone walking towards you with a flower, just think of yourself as a mouse, and they are trying to get you to eat the cheese in the mousetra p. As soon as you have that thought and image, you will be able to escape this trap of influence. This happens in a lot of car dealerships and high end fashion stores. You walk in and they immediately offer you a drink. The nicer the store the fancier the drink. I have been shopping for suits and they give me a glass of champagne. It’s from a bottle that probably cost less than ten bucks but suddenly I feel like I should spend three grand. They gave me a nice drink after all…. Learn more at