Win98 Recovery

i’ve been using my Toshiba external hard drive on my MacBook Air for a few years now. last week I copied documents and snap shots onto my difficult drive and deleted them off my MacBook to unfastened space. I connected my hard drive onto my MacBook these days and it would not show up and says it is not readable. this means I can not open, edit or view whatever in this hard pressure. I have no backup of the documents at the power and want to vie them.

i have a virtually vintage pc that runs off windows ninety eight. I need to cast off it but had to preserve it because it had poetry and images of my dad taken whilst i used to be more youthful. So obviously sentimental cost as I don’t have any pix of my dad due to the fact he is humorous about taking pics. I need to get the images and documents off and copied onto somewhere else like a USB memory stick so i’m able to remove the laptop and desk that’s taking up area. it is been over two years possibly even three due to the fact I switched it on so i’m no longer even certain it still works. but I actually need the documents and pictures off it so if you can deliver me a quote of the way lots it might value i might definitely respect it.

get entry to to HDD is randomly possible, many files to get better. HDD three.5″ Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 200Gb version ST3200822AS firmware three.02 date code 05171. Can you’re making a suggestion to get better datas in user folder?

solid state drive might not boot – see here. I want to take some files from it, There are only some documents I need from it importantly which can be irreplaceable. My mobile worstation is a m6800 and it says force doesn’t installation, check cables.