Our Favorite Diet Program

When it comes to achieving successful weight loss, sticking with reputable and reliable plans can help a lot. There are many fly-by-night weight loss programs out there, but Nutrisystem is not one of them. In this review, we will take an in-depth look at this popular diet plan.

The thing that draws most people to this long-running diet plan is its meal delivery service. The fact that no calorie counting or food measuring is required is a major bonus as well. It features meal plans that are based on the glycemic index. Low-glycemic foods have been shown to ward off hunger and keep blood sugar levels in check. People who sign up for this diet plan tend to feel much more full than those who participate in other traditional programs.

Plans are available for men, women, seniors, vegetarians and diabetics, and prices only vary a little between the various available options. If none of the available plans suits your needs, you can customize your plan by selecting meals from the a la carte menu. On average, people lose between one and two pounds per week with the system.

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Fresh-frozen meals are now available, in addition to the cupboard-safe meals that have traditionally been offered. By participating in the vibrant online community and taking advantage of the vast array of online resources that are available, you can increase your odds of weight loss success. The My Daily 3 exercise plan makes it easy to incorporate a broad range of calorie-burning activities into your day. When you lose the desired amount of weight, you can put the Nutrisystem transition and maintenance plan to work, which allows you to move away from meal deliveries to ensure long-term success.

Company Background

Nutrisystem was originally founded in 1972. At that time, it revolved around brick-and-mortar diet centers where participants could go for support and to learn more about the program. A considerable portion of the business model of the company has changed dramatically since then, but the basic diet plan has not. These days, the company delivers meals to participants’™ doorsteps, and members can select their meals and receive support and encourage through the online community. There are no longer any actual diet centers available. The entire plan is administered through the main website, which is free and easy for people to use.

The company became publicly traded in October 1999, which is also approximately when its website was first created. Since that time, its success has grown by leaps and bounds. To compete with the many new diet meal delivery plans that have sprung up since then, Nutrisystem added fresh-frozen meals in 2011. Unlike many other diet plans, this one is not a one-size-fits-all system. Instead, there are many flexible options available. If necessary, people may also create their menus by picking and choosing from more than 130 different items.

Product Summary

While there are exercise, transition and maintenance aspects included in this popular diet plan, it primarily revolves around the meals that are delivered to participants on a monthly basis. One delivery includes 28 days’ worth of food, so you will need to make sure that you have ample amounts of space in your cupboards, pantry, and freezer. It should also be noted that additional items from the grocery store will be needed as well. Learn more about the different components of the Nutrisystem plan below.

Fresh-Frozen Meals – These were introduced in 2011 and had proved to be a huge hit. Before their introduction, meals that were included in the plan had to be mixed with water and cooked in the microwave. Those types of meals still make up the majority of the menu, but fresh-frozen meals add a little more variety into the mix. Select plans include ten days of these fresh-frozen meals. Chef’s Table entrees are included in the fresh-frozen selection, and they are touted as gourmet meals that steam while they cook for especially flavorful results.

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Ready-to-go Foods – Regular plans include 28 days’™ worth of these ready-to-go meals while Select plans include 18 days’ worth of them. Some options, like bars, can be grabbed and eaten immediately. Others must be mixed with water and cooked in the microwave. Either way, they are quick and easy to prepare. A vast assortment of options is available.

Protein Shakes – Each plan includes 28 protein shakes, which are included for free. Four different flavors are available, and these shakes can be enjoyed at any time. They are nice because they add a little more variety to the diet. They also come in handy for times when you need something a little sweet but don’t want to fall off the diet wagon.

Diet Supplements – While not officially endorsed by the program, we suggest you include the use of pure Garcinia Cambogia extract or an equivalent product. These will help make your transition to the Nutrisystem diet plan much easier. Because the program does not include guidelines on how to use diet pills in conjunction with it, you should seek information on this matter from reputable sources like Garcinia Cambogia In Canada. Do remember that the supplements are entirely optional, so if there is ever any doubt in your mind about taking them, it’s perfectly fine to opt out.

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Grocery Guide – When you sign up with Nutrisystem, you receive a comprehensive grocery guide. You need the guide because you have to supplement your delivered meals with fresh fruits and vegetables from the store. Grocery items are broken into three principal categories: SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, and Vegetables. Every plan that is offered consists of 55 percent carbohydrates, 25 percent protein and 20 percent are fat. You will receive a diet plan, and specific instructions about how many SmartCarbs, PowerFuels, and Vegetables you will need will be included.

Extras – To avoid becoming bored with the meals in this plan, you can spice them up with extras like condiments, garnishes, and spices. Extras that have ten calories or less can be enjoyed as frequently as desired; Extras that have 10 to 35 calories should be limited to three per day. An extensive list of Extras is available in PDF format through the main website. Go through it and stock up on your favorites to ensure that you don’t bored or become unmotivated while you are on the plan.