using past life regression in psychotherapy

In the previous module we discussed the four major advantages of using past life regression in psychotherapy. These advantages can be summed up as: First, past life regression aims to make people whole once again by identifying individual issues and by associating these issues with potential underlying causes. Mental and spiritual healing occurs at several levels when a person is able to connect experiences in their present life with recovered memories from their life. Instead of just numbing the emotional pain or numbing it, past life regression endeavors to provide a permanent solution to the issues that plague a client. Second, past life regression is a drug-free option that can be used by people with anxiety challenges, phobias, etc. Learn more at and

As long as the issue is not physiological and is not rooted in any recognized mental disease such as schizophrenia and psychosis, hypnosis and past life regression can definitely help people get back on track. All of this is done without the aid of prescription medication or drugs, which is a miracle in itself since we live in a period of time where people generally believe that they are only going get well if they are taking pills.

In the final module of the Basic Level, I would like discuss some important points and issues that affect your continuing education as a hypnotist and practitioner of past life regression. As you may already know, a hypnotist’s capacity to help others is proportional to their education. Continuing one’s education even if you already have certifications and you have already attended seminars in the past is important to constantly replenish your store of vital knowledge. The world of hypnosis and past life regression is constantly changing and it is only through continuing education that a professional hypnotist can keep abreast of these changes. Moving on, let us discuss the first issue that I think is very important to any professional who wishes to make a conscious effort to continue studying their chosen field. Learn more at this issue is how aware are you of your own learning style?

This is done through creative visualization and by using well-designed hypnotic suggestions that are then interspersed throughout the regression session. When a person is finally able to make contact with their own long- term memory system, a wealth of knowledge and memories begin flooding out. Not only is a person able to access specific memories that can shed light on their challenges in their present life – they are also able to access patterns of behavior, symbols and valuable lessons culled from several lifetimes.

A The regression practitioner will still be able to bridge the gap between the client’s waking self and their long-term memory banks. The overarching goal is to turn even the worst weakness into strength. You must be ready to transform yourself too, because we are in the business of helping people achieve complete self-transformation through professional therapy. The third item on my list is not really academic in nature but rather it deals with your attitude with regards to new experiences.