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Vigrx Plus is a powerful male supplement. When the blood pressure rises to its maximum, the shaft of the penis becomes stiff. The third chamber of the penis, the spongy body, runs along the bottom of the shaft and surrounds the urethra (the tube connecting the urinary bladder to the outside). It fans out to become the glans, or head of the penis. During erection, the glans also swells, but remains soft and spongy, providing a cushion for the vagina during intercourse. Learn about Vigrx Plus at Erotic messages from the brain carried by the nerves of the spinal cord trigger erections, but anxious thoughts can quickly deflate the penis. It was probably an advantage for early humans to be able to shut down sexual desire abruptly if danger loomed. You did not want to be smooching on the savanna, oblivious to the prowling saber-toothed tiger behind the tall grass. Perhaps as part of our sexual heritage, it is common for men to have trouble getting erections if they feel anxious and pressured to have intercourse at the right time of the month. Strategies to overcome these problems will be suggested in chapter 21. As men age, medical problems that interfere with erections become more common. At around age 40, around 20 percent of men have moderate to severe difficulty with erections. By age 70, however, half of men have significant problems. Most are linked to unhealthy lifestyles or chronic illnesses that decrease the blood flow available to the penis. Not only are the arteries that bring blood to the penis rather small, but the soft tissue inside the cavernous bodies changes with aging or disease. It produces less nitric oxide, an important chemical that helps the tissue to relax during erection. Deposits of a substance called collagen can build up in the tissue, making it less soft and stretchy. To keep your penis youthful, follow the same advice that you would to keep a healthy heart: do not smoke; drink alcohol only in moderation; eat a diet low in fat; and exercise regularly. If an erection problem is keeping you from having intercourse, you can find information in chapter 21 about psychological or medical treatments that can enable you to function more normally. THE MALE ORGASM: IT’S MORE COMPLICATED THAN lT FEELS In chapter 4, we discussed how sperm cells and semen are made. During the male orgasm, all the ingredients of semen are combined with the ripe sperm cells that are stored in the vas deferens and the tail end of that. I nearly went down the Vigrx train, but decided not to. If you buy it rather than make your own, it cost 10x more than regular ascorbic acid. Also all the scientific research is done on ascorbic acid ingested orally or intravenously. Sure liposomal is ascorbic acid encapsulated in fat, but the research isn’t done on liposomal taken orally or intravenously, it’s done on plain old ascorbic acid. Learn more at and Plus if you read the anecdotal reports. The people who have been taking Vigrx for 20+ years. They have been taking it as ascorbic acid orally. Liposomal is a relatively new thing, or has only become popular recently. Learn more at