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Usually considered the cradle of Western Civilization, Greece was the cause of countless enduring hallmarks of civilization. Officially “the Hellenic Republic” it’s noted for being the birthplace of democracy, western philosophy, the Olympic games, and drama (both tragedy and comedy). Greece can be celebrated for its ancient ruins and compelling landscapes.

Family-run Mazotos Camel Park in Cyprus is easy to get to because it is close to Larnaca, Limassol and Nicosia. Animals can be seen and petted, including deer, ostriches, donkeys, kangaroos, goats and ponies. There is also a swimming pool, having a restaurant and cocktail bar overlooking it. Visitors are inspired to be photographed and ride around the camels, what are park’s biggest attraction. They can ride around the animals and explore the causes with a ‘safari’ ride. Camels can be found for all of us during school excursions and birthday parties, and the restaurant can appeal to up to 400 people. Kids can play inside the bouncy castle, swings, go-carts and flight simulators whilst the adults relax inside stunning park. There are plenty of Cyprus hotels nearby to the park including the Petrou Bros Hotel Apartments, that offer pretty gardens plus a swimming pool, in the area to beaches as well as the airport. Other options are the Atrium Zenon Hotel, that is a short walk from Larnaca Marina, the beautiful Phinikoudes (palm trees) promenade, and the long sandy beach; and also the four star Sun Hall Hotel, located inside the centre of cosmopolitan Larnaca. For Greek rentals visit www.Greecevillasrentals.com.

The most astute civil servants inside EU system have been mindful of the end result of this postwar European project for some time. One of the sharpest of observers is Bernard Connolly. His book The Rotten Heart of Europe remains a vintage in the area of the increasing quantity of expos?s of the actual nature of the Eurobeast.

Well, obviously Ben Bernanke isn’t first person to generate this statement, Chairman Alan Greenspan made it during his tenure at the FED. Painting ourselves into a monetary corner, laden with debt is of our own doing, and that we are no much better than Greece, and shouldn’t point fingers, until we change our ways. In fact, if Greece along with the other PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) cannot control their spending, and when the ECB gets to be more just like the Federal Reserve, then their only hope is to try and inflate their way to avoid it than it by lending quick cash and printing a lot more than it.

Since that medication may be confiscated, either ask your medical professional to get a codeine-free pain medication or pick something up at one of the numerous pharmacies when you’re getting to Greece. And although your yacht will have a regulation first aid kit onboard, it’s a wise idea to pack your personal “emergency first aid” kit. You’ll want to bring your personal antiseptic/antibacterial cream, Band-Aids, pain-killer, seasickness remedies, anti-diarrhea medication, bug spray or lotion, sunburn cream, sunblock (at the very least SPF-15), tweezers and throat lozengers.